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Your healthcare team includes you, your surgeon, an anesthesiologist and nurses. As part of the team, your actions are extremely important to your post-surgical care and quick recovery. Please read the following very carefully and follow all requests.

  1. Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to a scheduled surgery arrival time. This includes no gum, hard candy or water.
    Prior to surgery you can expect to be called by a Registered Nurse who will verify your surgical information, give you instructions and obtain your health history. In preparation for this call please have available a list of your allergies as well as current medications, dosages and supplements. You will also be asked about your previous surgeries. Having this information ready will greatly help the nurse when you are called. This will also give you an opportunity to have any questions answered prior to surgery. These precautions must be strictly observed or your procedure may be delayed or canceled.
    *For children 10 and under:
    • No solid foods or baby formula within 6 hours of scheduled surgery arrival time
    • No clear liquids and breast milk within 4 hours of scheduled surgery arrival time
  2. Arrive at CLSC 1 hour before your scheduled surgery time unless instructed differently, but NO EARLIER than 6:15 am.
  3. Items to bring:
    • All insurance cards and photo identification.
    • All deductibles and co-pays due at time of registration. Other charges are also due when admitted, unless arrangements have been made for payment with the business office.
    • Sources of payment i.e., credit card, cash or cashiers check, etc. (After registration, you will be asked to give your insurance identification, credit card and remaining cash to your family or friend who has accompanied you.)
    • Pacemaker/AICD card, if applicable
  4. Leave all jewelry and valuables at home.
    This includes computers, cell phones, pagers, and personal stereos with headphones.
  5. All body piercing jewelry must be removed.
  6. Arrange for transportation.
    For your safety, you must arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home following surgery. The individual should either be readily available by telephone or should wait for you in the family waiting area. Patients may not drive for 24 hours after sedation or general anesthesia.
  7. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
    The parent or legal guardian must remain at the facility while the minor is receiving care. Please plan to have someone else drive home to allow you to care for your child.
  8. Power of attorney (POA) or guardianship papers must be provided on admission for any adult unable to sign his/her own papers or for any minor with someone other than the custodial parents. The individual named on POA papers must be in attendance to sign all papers.
  9. If you have a heart stent that is less than 3 months old, check with your physician regarding your blood thinner.
  10. Take your daily medications listed below prior to surgery unless otherwise instructed by your physician:
    • Take BP, cardiac, seizure, chronic pain and reflux medications (with a sip of water)
  11. Diabetic instructions, if applicable:
    • No Metformin the evening before surgery
    • No oral diabetic medications or insulin the morning of surgery
    • All other diabetic medications to be taken as instructed by your physician
  12. Contact lenses and hearing aids..
    • All contact lenses, including extended wear, must be removed prior to general anesthesia cases. Please bring solution and a carrying case with you or preferably wear eye glasses.
    • If applicable, wear your hearing aid.
  13. Make-up and deodorants.
    • No colognes or perfumes. No eye, facial make-up or creams for eye or facial sugeries.
    • Prefer 2 fingers without nail polish.No body deodorant, antiperspirant or lotions for shoulder or upper trunk procedures.
  14. Wear casual, loose-fitting clothing.
    You will wear a surgical gown and cap during your surgery and recovery.
    • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that slip off easily.
    • Wear a blouse or shirt that buttons down the front for eye/facial or upper extremity surgery.
    • Wear large clothing for orthopedic procedures i.e., ACL Repair, and shoulder surgery.
    • Children may wear pajamas to the surgery center for morning cases.
  15. Pediatrics.
    Bring a favorite toy or blanket for your child and diapers, bottles or a sippy cup as appropriate.
  16. IV.
    An IV will be started to administer fluids, and medication for all procedures, except local anesthesia, YAG laser, and a Pediatric myringotomy with ear tube insertion.
  17. Phone numbers.
    Give your family the surgery center's phone number/s and encourage them to call with any questions or problems.
    • 520-618-6058 (Switchboard)
    • 520-495-1063 (Pre-Admissions)
    • 520-618-5891 (Fax)
  18. Directions:
    4620 East Camp Lowell Drive - SEE MAP
    • North from Grant on Swan, turn left at the 3rd light; 3rd building on the left (south side of street).
    • South from Sunrise, turn right at 2nd light; 3rd building on the left (south side of street).

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